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…A Force for Social Good!

Before discussing the topic of social good, as it pertains to comic books, take a look at the cover of the first comic book that launched us into the age of superheroes:

ACTION COMICS No. 1 (1938), Art: Joe Shuster

As hard as it may be to believe today, with superheroes omnipresent in our culture, imagery such as this had no direct precedent. Superman’s arrival on the cover of ACTION COMICS No. 1 made an impact on its readers much like the car he was smashing! Also worth noting is that in the 1930s, comic strips in newspapers and, to a lesser extent their kin, comic books weren’t produced solely for children. The audiences that consumed this material were of all ages and came from all backgrounds. In record-setting time, everyone knew who The Man of Steel was and what moral code he abides by. Over the decades that followed, that’s never changed

Because the ToonSeum’s mission is championing comics as a force for social good, let’s take a look at some examples of the Man of Steel practicing what he preaches, and vice-versa!

Public Service Advertisement (circa. 1950s), Art: Wayne Boring

Superman typically ranks as the strongest superhero [1], “more powerful than a locomotive”, capable of solving problems by moving the Earth [2] or standing perfectly still.

Spider-Man: “With great power, there must always come great responsibility.”


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