NANCY Original Proofs!

ACT FAST BECAUSE THESE SOLD OUT IN TWO HOURS LAST WEEK!!  AND THERE WILL BE NO MORE OF THESE THINGS IN THIS FUNDRAISER!!  Why spend $300 or more for one dinky little original Bushmiller NANCY drawing when you can get six(!!!) daily newspaper strips on an original newspaper proofs for just $75!!  These are real beauties and look swell when framed and mounted!  These are NOT “stat sheets”- they are actual proofs printed on a hand press directly off of metal plates! These would be used for paste-up by offset papers that didn’t order mats and didn’t make their own plates. All are c. 1960-64. so you better move fast as there is only ONE left!. This premium comes from the World Famous Newgarden Archives located in Brooklyn, NY.  The proofs will be sold off on a first come, first served basis so make sure to indicate which one you would like and a second choice unless that one is taken.  ALL are excellent examples of the form and are in perfect condition.

Aug 31 – Sept 5, 1964

July 27 – Aug 1, 1954

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